Hailed as the British Michael Buble and popular amongst some of the world’s biggest celebrities, Rick Guard brings us his original blend of ‘smooth swing’. Rick, has played to TV audiences of 4 million and stadiums of up to 65,000 people. His first ever single was one of the top 75 highest radio played records in the world, and he has performed in South Africa, Qatar, Russia, France, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Egypt, Spain, Holland and Ireland. Funnily enough he was also the first ever artist to be given permission to film a music video in Harrods, an event that stopped traffic in Knightsbridge. Ironically, Rick is more impressed with the fact his music is on the jukebox in the Queen Vic pub on the set of TV soap Eastenders!

Since making his debut with Decca Records/Universal, his first single reaching top 20 in eleven countries, Rick has taken time out from releasing his own records to focus on his hugely successful platinum selling songwriting partnership with Phil Rice. The two have scored great successes with releases for international artists, as well as film and TV music. Anyone But Me is a record that picks up where his first album Hands of a Giant left off, pushing the jazz/pop crossover genre further into uncharted territory.
Rick can count a number of highly recognised figures as fans. Along with performances for The QueenPrincess Anne, and the Prime Minister, Rick has also played at private celebrity parties for the likes of Shirley Bassey, Lionel Richie, Liza Minnelli, Coleen and Wayne Rooney, Barbra Streisand, Alex Ferguson, Steven Gerrard, Russell Watson & Ronan Keating.

It is the self-penned tracks on Anyone But Me that really show why Rick Guard is an artist worthy of all the plaudits. But it is perhaps most refreshing to see Rick take the stage (often with an 18 piece band) and give his own songs the emotional delivery they truly deserve.